Tuesday, July 29, 2014

BOT Meeting Agenda - Wednesday 30 July 2014

1.       Attendance
1.1.          Present
1.2.          Apologies
1.3.          Conflict of Interest

2.       Minutes of previous meeting: 14 May 2014
2.1.          Confirmation
2.2.          Matters Arising
2.3.          Action Table

3.       Education/Curriculum/Student Achievement focus
3.1.         See review of Annual Goals below
3.2.         Upcoming Hub Reviews
3.3        Review of Progress in Writing

4.       Property:
4.1.          Playground development – discussion of ideas from consultation
4.2.          Hall Report, term 2, 2014

5.       Self-review
5.1.          Check- Annual Self – Review Programme 2014 (standing agenda item)
5.2.          Policies to be reviewed:
·         Community Partnering Document
·         Religious Education
·         Self Review
·         Theft and Fraud
·         Sensitive Expenditure
·         Behaviour Management

5.3.        Governance for the 21st century – Oral presentation and discussion Part 2

6.       Health and Safety 
6.1      Peer Mediation Training
6.2      Ski Camp Approval

7.       Legislation
7.1.          Recapitation: application and plan going forward
7.2.          Investing in Educational Success – Update and discussion
7.3.          Feed back re NZSTA AGM remits

8.       Personnel
8.1       NZSTA Conference - report

9.       Charter Development
9.1       Annual goals -  Six monthly report – oral presentation
9.2       BOT Planning Day for 2015 - set date

10.   ICT
10.1      ALF (update and next modules)
10.2      Sub-committee report

11.   Finance
11.1.       Finance Report
11.2.       Financial Reports for June 2014 including Six-Monthly Budget Review
11.3.       Expenditure approval

12.   Community Engagement
12.1      Up-coming community activities

13.   Next meeting:
13.1.       Wednesday, 27 August, 2014

Friday, July 25, 2014

New students Term 3, Week 1

A very warm welcome to the following students who joined Amesbury School in Koru Hub this week:

Alek King
Max Smith
Atharva Singh
Jacob Knowles

Churton Park Community Centre - What's On to August 3rd

Hi Everyone

The SPCA will be in tomorrow with 24 cats and kittens hoping to find their forever home. Come down and meet them from 12 - 3pm! For what’s coming up next week, please click here.

  • ** Creative Expressions Craft Group ** - our quilting and knitting group re-starts for Term 3 on Monday from 1.30 – 3.30. Join in for just $2 – all are welcome, including beginners.
  • ** Quest 4 Wellness ** July Seminar, Tuesday 29th July 7.30 – 8.30pm. This month’s focus is on Managing Childhood Related Epidemics. See attached for more information.
  • ** Virginia Anderson Labour Candidate Clinic ** - Saturday 2nd August 11 – 1pm. Pop in for a cuppa and meet the Labour Candidate for OhariuVirginia Anderson.

  • ** Fabric Sale ** - Quilter? Stitcher? Fabric Lover? Our next pop-up shop will be a quilting fabric sale on Saturday August 9th from 12 – 3pm. All fabric only $15 per metre – see attached for more details.
  • ** Early Explorers Community Playgroup ** - A SPECIAL REQUEST TO THE COMMUNITY: CPCC has a new community playgroup starting on 6th August especially for Under 18 month olds. To help us set up this group, we are asking if you have any toys suitable for under 18 month olds that are still in very good condition and that you would be happy to donate to help get the playgroup established, we would be most grateful. Donations can be dropped to CPCC between 10 – 2pm weekdays.  The Playgroup will run every Wednesday from 1.30 – 2.30pm. To register your interest, please email me: beckie.duffy@wcc.govt.nz.
  • ** Amesbury School Art Exhibition and Auction ** - Amesbury School will be hosting an art exhibition and fundraising auction at the school next Friday 1st August from 7pm onwards in the Amesbury Hall. The exhibition will feature spectacular series of oil paintings by Colin Gibbs, Amesbury School’s 2014 Artist in Residence. These works were completed by Colin during his residency. The 20 piece collection is focussed on and reflects the Churton Park area, particularly the hills. There are various sized works available for purchase, with prices ranging from $150 to $900. Also available for sale, via silent auction, will be a variety of works by Amesbury students, inspired by their time with Colin Gibbs during his residency. Prices range from $20 to $60 for these beautifully framed pieces. The event is open to the public. Tickets are $5, available from the Amesbury School Office – ph 477 3423.
  • ** Feedback on Bus Route Changes ** - The Greater Wellington Regional Council are still happy to receive submissions on the Churton Park bus route proposals. Forms and maps are available on the Churton Park Community Association website and from the Community Centre. Any feedback by the end of August would be appreciated.
  • ** Lakewood Reserve Planting Project ** - Help enhance the green heart of Churton Park: Lakewood Reserve. The Churton Park revegetation group is now working with WCC to help with the ongoing planting in this area. Planting and mulching afternoons at Lakewood Reserve are scheduled for Saturdays 26 July and 9 August, commencing at 1pm. Come along and lend a hand! No experience required – only enthusiasm. Meet at the Tennis Court carpark, off Lakewood Ave.  Tools and gloves are available, but bring your own if possible.  For further information please contact John Morrison 477 1020 or revegetation@churtonpark.org.nz
  • The Churton Park Medical Centre’s new website is now up and running. Check it out at http://churtonparkmedicalcare.co.nz. And if you hadn’t heard, Sports Medicine Specialist, Dr Theo Dorfling has joined the team on a part time basis (he’s the Hurricanes team doctor, so he really knows his stuff!)
  • ** Tennis Lessons for all ages ** - Want to improve your tennis skills while having fun at the same time? My name is Alexey and I am a Club Coach at Churton Park Tennis Club. Having previously coached at the Khandallah, Johnsonville and Newlands Clubs, I am currently offering lessons for all ages and abilities at your local club. Whether you want to improve your tennis or just learn the game and enjoy yourself in a fun and friendly atmosphere, I have the perfect programme for you. Your first 2 lessons are absolutely free. Bring a friend, and in addition to your joint lesson, you will get 1 free private lesson each. For further information, don’t hesitate to contact me on 0204 003 2730 or email me ata.danilin@hotmail.com

Fancy learning Jazz Dance? The Dance Well Centre has now started the new term. Tuesdays 5:15pm and Thursdays 4:30pm. For more information please contact Brie Jessen-Vaughan at 022 353 1877 orbriejessenvaughan@icloud.com.  

What do you do when Life gets in the way of your good intentions to exercise more, sit better or look after yourself in some other way?  We all have habits - good and bad - that keep us moving forward when we are feeling overwhelmed by all the things we 'shoulda, coulda oughta' do.  Janine Archer has a 9 week course which started on Tuesday from 6pm at the Tawa CC and will be going for antoher 8 weeks.  $117 based on a 9 week course based on Freeing Your Back

To keep up to date with what’s on at CPCC throughout the week, you can follow us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ChurtonParkCommunityCentre). It’s publically available, so you can view it even if you don’t belong to Facebook.

Have a great weekend!

Beckie Duffy Community Centre Advocate
Churton Park Community Centre| 
P 04 830 4802 M 021 247 8741
E beckie.duffy@wcc.govt.nz | W 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Amesbury Awesomeness Awards - Term 2, 2014

Congratulations to Leni Emerson Manoj (Harakeke) and Ishaan Patel (Koru) who were the recipients of the Amesbury Awesomeness Awards in Term 2, 2014.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Art Exhibition and Auction 7pm, Friday, 1 August, 2014

The first ever Amesbury School Art Exhibition & Auction is going to be held on Friday 1st August, from 7:00-9:00pm.  

Some details are still to be finalised, but here's what we can tell you so far:

Tickets will be $5.00 per person, which includes light food refreshment. Don't forget to invite grandparents, aunts, uncles. 

Please order tickets to this event by following this link to an online form.

This event will be R18, due to the presence of alcohol on site.

7:00pm: Arrival & Refreshments

Viewing of artwork from 7pm.  
Refresments will be available free of charge. Hopefully there will be live background music.
Drinks will be on sale, including wine, beer, shandy, fruit juice & lemonade.

8:00pm: Auction commences

Student artwork: All students will have one piece of framed artwork up for auction. We will have "buy now" prices on all student artworks and a minimum price - to ensure we cover costs and make a small profit. All items will be available to purchase via a "silent auction" - you will be able to add your name and price to a bid list for selected artworks or you might begin with the "buy now" price to ensure no-one else purchases the piece of artwork you want. 

We will also take commissions. If there is a piece of artwork by a student you particularly like but it has already been purchased, we will see if the artist is prepared to be commissioned to do one for you at the "buy now" price. In this situation, profit will be shared by the school and the student.

Artist-in-residence artwork: We are very fortunate that we will also have 20 pieces available for sale by Colin Gibbs, our artist-in-residence. These framed paintings (Italian oil paint on French Arches Huile (300gm) paper, finished with Damar Varnish) all depict the Churton Park landscape. The school will receive a 30% commission on sales. These artworks will also be sold through the silent auction. They will have a reserve price (see the prices below) and people can make bids above that price. 

Artworks will not be available for sale prior to 8pm and unsold artworks will continue to be available for sale for the week following the auction.

The school will purchase or commission some artworks by students for display around the school.

At 8:00pm, a bell will sound and the serious business of the silent auction will begin!  

9:00pm: Evening ends with lots of happy parents going home with awesome art work!

​We will have details of other things happening on the evening closer ​to the date - watch this space....

G i b b s L a n g
contemporary art gallery and studio
mobile 027 2484884                                                        www.gibbslang.co.nz

We are pleased to provide the paintings as follows for the Amesbury School exhibition at the reserve prices listed below:

(1) small         Churton Park            
Italian oil paint on French Arches Huile (300gm) paper, finished with Damar varnish  (framed)

(6)  36 x 28mm (glass-size)   Churton Park                      
Italian oil paint on French Arches Huile (300gm) paper, finished with Damar varnish  (framed)
$385 each

(6)  51 x 41mm (glass-size)   Churton Park                      
Italian oil paint on French Arches Huile (300gm) paper, finished with Damar varnish  (framed)
$585 each

(5) 790 x 890mm (glass-size) Churton Park                    
Italian oil paint on French Arches Huile (300gm) paper, finished with Damar varnish  (framed)
$850 each

(2) 790 x 990mm (glass-size)   Churton Park                  
Italian oil paint on French Arches Huile (300gm) paper, finished with Damar varnish  (framed)

$900 each

Rhee Taekwondo at Amesbury School

NZSTA Conference Presentation

A small team of BOT members and staff attended the NZSTA Conference held at Auckland's Sky City Conference venue over the weekend. It was not quite as big as the Eductech Conference in Brisbane but was pretty big by New Zealand standards - 870 attendees. We were invited to present a seminar at the conference about our take on 21st century learning. The topic was, "21st century learning - fad or forever?" (Note the nifty alliteration!).We spoke to about 160 board and staff members about the thinking that sits behind our approach to delivering education at Amesbury School and then we went on to talk about some of the systems and structures we have developed or are developing that enable this approach.

We have presented to a number of audiences recently - Ministry, APs/DPs, Principals, Teachers, Board of Trustees - and we have noticed a significant increase in the drive to create change towards 21st century learning or, as we call it, humanising education. What people are particularly interested in is that we are not focused on technology and we are not focused on the modern environments but that our approach is first and foremost focused (note... more alliteration) on pedagogy - the theory of teaching and learning. This interest is particularly noticeable in the Professional Learning Community that we are in the process of setting up. People from all over the lower part of the North Island and as far afield as Te Karaka near Gisborne and Hawkes Bay are looking for others to collaborate with around future-focused pedagogy. It is such a privilege to be a part of this growing interest.

There is a growing sense that with the requirement for 5 out of 5 students to be successful in school (Minister Hekia Parata), a different approach is not a choice but an imperative. In the traditional way of delivering curriculum there was the expectation (and acceptance of the fact) that some students would not be successful in our school system and that is, of course, exactly what happened. Some students still leave the school system with no qualifications. In the thoughts of Einstein, it would be insanity to think that the same system and way of doing things would produce a different result. Therefore, if the expectation is that all students will leave school having experienced success at school, then we have to change the way schooling is done. This is the journey we are on.

At the beginning of my presentation I gave the one-to-two minute explanation or summary of the presentation - so that people who felt they had got the idea from that short explanation could leave and go to another seminar. Here it is for you..... (Btw, I don't think anyone did leave).

1.     21st century learning is a massive, paradigmatic shift that needs to take place in order for our students to be prepared for the future they will face. 
2.      The traditional/industrial age model of education which still significantly characterises schools of today is no longer able to meet the needs of its 21st century students and, as a result, there is a growing gap between the education our students need and the education they are receiving. Change is an imperative.
3.      Do not underestimate how difficult this shift is to make. It is HUGE! And as a result do not over-estimate how much progress we have made towards it as a schooling system. There have been some shifts made but these are largely shallow and there is little evidence of deep change.
4.      Creating deep change will require some quite different ways of thinking and acting and relating by all stakeholders associated with schools – teachers, students, parents, school leaders, trustees and the Ministry.
5.      No one stakeholder group can make this change on their own. It will require all stakeholders working together, thinking in new ways to create this change. More than this, it will require wider networks to be forged including between schools and schools and ministry. To move forward we will need each other.
6.      As the kaitiaki – the caretakers or the governors of schools– you – have an absolutely pivotal role in leading this change – not just supporting it. We think this will mean a significant expansion in what you see as being in your purview as board members. You will need to develop significant knowledge of 21st century learning and the challenges of shifting towards it.

7.      The thing that we want most from the session is for you to go away empowered, excited and more confident about your role in creating your school’s and NZ’s educational future.